B-stock Custom Megatar for sale.   Beautiful, one of a kind, well appointed and fully functional instrument with minor cosmetic blemishes.  Uncrossed, Bass Bottom tuning with This one has midi output on the melody strings and a programmable knob and switch for the midi.   That means you can use the melody (guitar strings) as a controller with a modeler or a synth to produce any sound you want.  Imagine how much fun you could have with that!  


Regular price is almost $3700.  Sale price $2250  includes free domestic shipping.

Contact me asap if your interested, I am guessing this won't last long.

SOLD!  Sorry.


Contact me asap if your interested

The Good:

•All the usual megatar awesomeness.  

•12 strings, 25 frets, 33.5" scale length.

•Custom solid Neck-through construction with a figured maple core two sets of wenge stringers and a black walnut neck and english walnut body wings.   This is the only one of these in the world and there will never be another one just like it.

Tilt back black walnut headstock, Jescar evo zero-fret and integrated wenge string guide (nut)

•Fret board is 1/4 sawn wenge with real abalone front and side dots.

Carbon fiber reinforced neck and head joint.

Bartolini humbuckers with dual tone controls, nested volume and stereo output.

•Graphtech midi output on the melody strings with onboard 13-pin lack, programmable knob and selector switch.

•Custom black hardware.  Knobs, tuners, bridge, schaller strap locks, ferules.

Uncrossed hands, "Bass Bottom" tuning.  

•Includes Strap, tool kit, starter stereo cord, and 15' Roland GK cable ($50 value).  Plus downloadable fretboard charts and method books if you want them.  

•The price.  $2250 for a custom, one of a kind, bad ass, neck through 12-string double guitar with bartolinis, midi output, carbon fiber, free shipping and everything else.  Hand made in Northern California.  Not made in a factory overseas.  Not assembled from a kit of parts manufactured overseas. No.  I actually start with raw lumber and step by step form it into a musical instrument myself.  

The Not So Good/full disclosure:

•Various minor cosmetic imperfections.  The kind of thing that most people might not even notice, but I do.  Imperfections in how the cavity covers fit.  Small surface imperfections that are only visible in good light at certain angles.  Little nicks in the wood by the string ferules, and minor wear from being around the shop and being played/demo'd.  Over all it looks good and plays well, but it is almost, but not perfect.  It's lack of perfection actually looks good in this case.  It looks substantial and authentic, not like a perfectly polished gem to be hidden away in a case. No this guy wants to be played.  The midi jack is mounted in a piece of inlayed wenge wood in a somewhat less than perfect way, and the jack itself is not overly robust, so just be careful with the midi jack as a rule, but especially in this case, and you'll be fine. 


Contact me asap if you are interested