Rare B-stock Megatar for sale.   Beautiful, well appointed and fully functional instrument with some "issues".   Regular price $3135.  Sale price $1350 (over 57% off!!!)

 Contact me asap if your interested, I am guessing this won't last long.

I am going to leave out the exaggerated marketing claims, abstract emotional appeals, hypnotic double talk and nebulous guitar speak, if that's ok, and just keep it to the facts. If that makes you uncomfortable, you can add phrases such as "for a faster neck", "for powerful tone", "for balanced playability", "for a really sweet action" or "for a professional look and sound" after any line item below. 

Contact me asap if your interested


The Good:

•All the usual megatar awesomeness.  

•12 strings, 25 frets, 33.5" scale length.

•Solid Neck-through construction with a figured maple core two sets of wenge stringers and a 1/4 sawn sapele neck and body.  

Tilt back sapele headstock, Jescar evo zero-fret and graphtech string saver string guide (nut)

•Fret board is 1/4 sawn wenge with real abalone front and side dots.

Carbon fiber reinforced neck and head joint.

Bartolini humbuckers with dual tone controls, nested volume and stereo output.

•Custom black hardware.  Knobs, tuners, bridge, schaller strap locks, ferules.

•Crossed hands, "Bass Bottom" tuning.  

•Includes custom hard case, strap, and a tool kit.  Plus downloadable fretboard charts and method books.  Note: The case is decent, as good as most, but is not as good as it looks.  Fine for around town and back and forth to school or something, but not suitable for a traveling pro as it would not stand up to the abuse.

•The price.  $1350 for a bad ass, neck through 12-string double guitar with bartolinis and carbon fiber and everything else.  In a hard case. Hand made in Northern California.  Not made in a factory overseas.  Not assembled from a kit of parts manufactured overseas. No.  I actually start with raw lumber and step by step form it into a musical instrument myself.  

•This instrument is the first of the latest iteration of the Megatar that I call the "fast back" version because the back of the body is flat and not humped as it was until now.  Why the change?  The instrument is a little lighter, sleeker and more comfortable, and it is a little easier to build.  I thought the hump looked sorta cool, but probably no one even noticed and the other advantages out weigh the aesthetic benefit, if any.  


The Not So Good:

•Circular patch on back of neck where neck was accidentally gouged. See photos.

•Fretboard is glued on slightly off center and therefore bridge is also mounted off center.  Oops.  It still lines up where it counts, sounds great and plays as normal.  See photos.

•Various minor cosmetic imperfections.  The kind of thing that most people might not even notice, but I do.  Very minor imperfections in how the cavity covers fit.  Small surface imperfections that are only visible in good light at certain angles.  Minor wear from being around the shop and being played/demo'd.  Over all it is well built and powerful, but it is not perfect.  

•This instrument is better suited to a beginning or intermediate player who wants to have the best tools they can afford but that who is not going to agonize over subtleties.

•Case has a few scuffs and scratches.

Contact me asap if you are interested