Where have all the Megatars gone?

As I think about improving the video portion of the website, I have to wonder where have all the Megatars gone?

Middle aged guys picked them, every one.

Well mostly anyways and really they tapped them, but seriously, come on all you proud men and women of the Megatar!  It's time to represent! Playing the Megatar is part of what makes you so awesome.  You must have something to share.  Let us know your out there and what you can do.

When will they ever learn? 

Most of the Megatar videos out there are several years old, and back then a lot of people were already playing the heck out of them.  What have you learned in the years in between?

When will they ever learn?

And don't forget, if you are still learning to play the Megatar, Stick, Bass or Guitar you can grab a very useful fretboard map and music theory chart here.