han in carbonite with megatar

That phrase kept on echoing through my mind as I was working on an instrument recently.  I was surprised to see that with the right amount of creativity, there is indeed something of a resemblance between the iconic image of Han Solo encased in carbonite from the Star Wars saga and a Megatar being carved out of it's solid ingot of tone wood.  See below for some of the abstract similarities that I saw.

On a side note.  I recently re-watched the original star wars trilogy with some of my kids, and honestly the movies didn't really strike me as being all that.  Yeah sure the effects were groundbreaking, but the story telling and the acting?  They are really just B-movies that struck a chord and mostly through the mechanism of marketing have carved out a niche in the collective psyche as something wonderful and nostalgic, without really being all that great.  Gasp!  Yup, I said it.