Fretboard Maps and Music Theory Charts

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Notes on Mirror Image Fretboard Diagrams:  

It may be helpful to imagine you are sitting in front of a mirror that has the ability to digitally project the names of the notes onto your reflection.

I am aware that normally fretboard diagrams are reversed from the way I have presented them.  I feel like the “normal” orientation requires one to turn the fretboard around in the mind in order to locate the strings and notes. Whereas, in my opinion, the mirror image fretboard diagrams I have created offer a direct spacial corollary between the location on the map and the physical location on the instrument.  I.e. the string on the right side of the diagram is also on the right side of the instrument as one is playing and observing the diagram, making it easy and natural to locate the notes on the fretboard.  Now that I have been looking at them as mirror images, seeing a fretboard diagram done in the conventional way seems very odd to me.  On conventional guitar fretboard diagrams, the string on the top of the diagram is on the bottom of the actual fingerboard, how does this make sense?  I repeatedly check over my understanding of the diagrams, thinking that I must be missing something if everybody else agrees to have their fretboard diagrams one way, and I see it completely differently, but each time I question myself I am reassured that everybody else is wrong on this one.

But of course, I have added standard format diagrams for those that just can't see it any other way.

Let me know what you think.