It is a Megatar.

The Chapman Stick is a unique fretboard tapping instrument assembled and sold out of Woodland California.  The Stick is guitar-like in it's origin, but the design, details and tuning are highly specialized, resulting in a distinctive sound and look that is centered around a certain musical technique and style.   The Stick is available with 8, 10, or 12 strings and several other variations of the idea are available, the most recent of which is assembled around a machined aluminum body.  The creator of the instrument, Emmett Chapman, is a primary contributor to the popularity of fretboard tapping techniques, both as a musician and as an instrument builder. Thousands of enthusiastic Stick players around the world practically worship his theory and technique.

The 10-string  Chapman Stick 

The 10-string Chapman Stick 

The Megatar is also an instrument designed to be played primarily with touchstyle techniques. Other than that, the design, construction and details of the two instruments have little in common.  Manifesting as a 12-string extended-range bass guitar, tuned like a bass, the Megatar is built using traditional lutherie (guitar making) practices which give it an authentic bass/guitar sound and feel   Unlike most extended-range basses where the strings are arranged in order from low to high the Megatar has it's 12 strings  divided into a bass and melody string sets arranged on the fretboard in the way familiar to guitar and bass players and so that the hands do not need to reach all the way across the fretboard.  The Megatar is focussed on existing guitar and bass players who are voyaging into the realm of fretboard tapping and are looking for more headroom, as well as new recruits looking for a unique and surprisingly accessible way to make amazing music.  The Megatar can also accommodate chapman stick tunings, expanding the sonic palette available to existing stick players.

The Megatar 12-String Bass

The Megatar 12-String Bass