CNC is short for "computer numerically controlled" and refers to a type of machinery commonly used around the world for manufacturing of all types, especially guitars.    The machine is basically an overhead router that instead of using templates for repeatability and precision, uses a computer generated coordinate system.

The majority of the time spent building a Megatar is still hand work.  But the CNC does a lot of the loudest and dirtiest processes such as the basic shaping of the body contours and cavities while also offering a higher level of precision than would normally be possible for some key processes such as the fret slots.  

Although almost all instrument makers are taking advantage of the increased efficiency and precision of CNC equipment, most of them use that fact as a way to increase profits.  At Megatar we see it as a way to make better instruments more affordable.    And where most manufacturers are assembling instruments from a kit of pre-fabricated components and calling it lutherie, Megatars are individually hand-built from rough lumber to finished instruments right here in our northern California studio.  Compare our sound, features, playability, design and quality with any other maker and you will see that the Megatar represents the best value of any tapping instrument available today.