Extra-Long, Extra-Light, Heavy-Core, Nickel-Steel, Round Wound, Ball-End.

Our strings come in a set of 13 including an extra .009 string (the most likely string to break soonest).

Sold factory direct in plain packaging to keep prices low.  Currently $36 per set.  Which is less than most 6-string bass string sets sell for.

Bass Bottom Tuning (tuned like Standard Bass)

Melody string gauges: .009, .011, .012, .016, .029W, .040W

Bass tring gauges: .025W, .035W, .050W, .065W, .085W, .100W

"Inverted-Fifths" Tuning (Chapman Stick)

Melody String gauges: .009, .011, .012, .016, .029W, .040W

Bass String gauges: .095W, .080W, .060W, .030W, .016, .010



•Slightly heavier core of high-tensile steel to minimize the 'chiming' sound of lighter strings, yet modest-gauge ratings overall to provide fluid playability.

•Wound with premium nickel-plated steel -- known for its distinctive clear tone, excellent intonation, and reduced fret wear.

•XL 114cm length, longer than standard guitar strings, fits many styles and models of tapping instruments.  

•Available in two optimized tunings -- Bass Bottom (straight 4ths) Megatar tuning, and inverted-fifths.  Available string gauges cover many other tunings as well.  Use of multiple gauges or changing string gauges is not recommended, because to play in tune, resetting intonation after any change of string gauges is required. Since Megatar instruments use the Buzz Feiten intonation system, to preserve the intonation, you should replace with the same gauges every time. 

•On Bass Bottom tuning, all bass strings are wound to provide consistent 'bass' sound across all six bass strings.  For inverted-fifths tuning,  like original Stick strings, we provide four wound and two plain strings.

•Useable on 10 string instruments.  Simply do not use the two extra strings.

•String lengths and core wire sizing works with normal tuner machines, and fit both parallel and fanned-fret instruments.