The ‘Celestial Harp’- a theory that the movement of the stars and planets was related to music

The ‘Celestial Harp’- a theory that the movement of the stars and planets was related to music

We offer a variety of tunings. 

Megatar Tuning

Our standard and recommended tuning is known as "Bass Bottom" tuning or "Straight Fourths" because the bass string set is tuned just like a standard six string bass (BEADGC) while the melody strings are also tuned in fourths with a range similar to that of a standard guitar only slightly lower (C#F#BEAD).  Because of the long neck, these strings cannot be tuned quite as high as a standard guitar without breaking, so they're pitched lower by 1.5 steps (3 frets).  But since Megatar instruments have 25 frets, instead of 22 as in most guitars, you can still play as high as on a guitar. You've just got yourself some extra low melody notes!

This arrangement produces the same notes under the bass strings at fret #2 and the melody strings at fret #12.  Both positions are marked by double dots.   Learning is very accessible with this tuning.  The fretboard is easy to navigate and much of what you may already know from standard guitar or bass transfers quickly because your left hand already knows what it's doing and your right hand catches on right away to the technique and the patterns.  

Additionally there are instructional materials commonly available for two-handed tapping techniques on standard bass and standard guitar, which are applicable to The Megatar with Bass Bottom tuning.  All this makes learning faster with this tuning.  Plus, learning to play the Megatar, will allow you to pick up any bass or guitar and make music.

Stick Tuning

If you have already learned the ‘Inverted-Fifths’ tuning developed by Emmett Chapman for the Chapman Stick, then we will be happy to deliver this tuning, and it will have the Buzz Feiten Intonation System installed so that your playing sounds more ‘in tune’ with itself and other instruments.

Many other tunings are available including bi-melody, dual bass, crafty, dropped, and mirrored tunings, etc. plus all of these in an uncrossed string arrangement if desired. Normally free of charge.  

Additional fees may apply if custom string sets are needed.  

Daniel Schell has a lot of great information on different touch-style tunings.  Find it here.