Please also see this article for more information about pickup choices.

Standard with nested volume, dual tone, stereo output jack - No Charge
The bass and melody string sets each have their own tone and volume controls.  The volume knobs are 'nested' one inside the other so that not only can one adjust the volumes separately, but it can also be used like one knob so that both signals can be turned down or up together.

Add 3-way humbucker switches (series, parallel, coil cut) + $50
Adds 2 subtle sound/response variations to the pickups output.

Add stereo-mono switch + $25
Allows for easy mono-amping, but with the option to split out the signals as needed.   

Add dual mono output + $40
Works well for switching preamps at the jack.  Requires 2 separate guitar cables.  Classic Megatars with preamps were built this way.  

Add active bypass switch + $25
Emergency backup for professionals that want to be able to bypass the active circuits in case of unexpected technical issues. 

Add Custom Electronics - Inquire
Have some specific pickups, switching options or other electronic fantasies that you would like to share?  Let me know what you have in mind.