Your Megatar carries a “Lifetime Warranty Against Ever Being a Piece of Sh!#”.


Whatever happens I’ve got your back.

If something is genuinely wrong about the instrument, I will make it right. 

If you have some sort of  “accident”, we’ll work something out to get your axe back in shape in a way that makes us all feel good.

Every effort has been made to provide you with a beautiful,  durable and great playing instrument.   Wood is by nature a material that expands and contracts in relationship with it’s environment during it’s entire existence.  Extreme fluctuations of temperature or humidity seasonally or due to travel and even shipping can have a strong effect on the wood. 

Keep your instrument in a good quality case when not in use and protect it from extremes of temperature and humidity, take care of it properly and it will last a lifetime requiring little maintenance or adjustment. 

Leave it in your car, or store it in your garage or basement, don’t use a case or a stand, like to get drunk or way too high sometimes, have a lot of pets or kids, and it might not last a lifetime.  But it will sure put up a good fight.

Did you ever wonder why some old cars last forever and most cars end up in the junk yard?