What are People Saying?

For me, it’s about playability. The Megatar neck is very smooth, and easy to play.”
“And the intonation is really outstanding — a nice clear sound.
— David Reyes, composer and sound designer, Interactive Audio Design

The Megatar is a masterpiece of the luthier’s art! Thoughtfully manufactured with the player in mind, both playability and tone are unlike any other instrument I’ve played. Never before have I owned an instrument that could perform in so many different roles in an ensemble: Bass, Rhythm, Lead, Ambient Keyboard-like Textures — the sky’s the limit! Can’t wait to take it on tour with me!
— Ryan Smith, guitarist and bass-player, Tucson, AR

When I first plugged it into my amp, I was really surprised about how clean and strong it sounds! The Bartolini pickups are great! The Lower bass strings are pretty easy to reach - and that was a surprise too, because my fingers are not very long, and so I had my little doubts about playing comfort. Bass sound is rich, bright and all notes are very, VERY precise! I especially like the sound with some smooth distortion and chorus added to the bass channel - what a roaring, deep tone! Melody strings are also especially bright and sonorous. And what sustain! Andrew, our guitar player, played a few chords on the melody strings and just turned pale with envy!

I think, the construction is worth praising too. The neck is wide, but pretty thin so (as I have already said) it is very comfortable for both hands to reach any note, at any fret. And I liked the fanned frets very much. As for me, personally, it feels easier for my fingers to strike the right note when playing fast ascending scales and passages. Fingers tend to shift closer to each other, so the fanned frets, converging from lower to higher strings, really help fingers to get to the right place!

Beautiful design. All parts combine with each other perfectly, and it feels smooth when you touch it, and comfortable when you put it on.
— Evgeniy Seleznev, bass-player, Russia

The Megatar Rocks!
— Dino Haak, of the Dino Haak Collective, Seattle and Germany

Megatars are lethal and cause sleep deprivation.
— Ernie Jackson, Funkmeister, New York

Just writing to say I am having a blast with the megatar. It is a great instrument and I find that your books are allowing me to advance and keep me interested at the same time.
— Max Girouard, musician, Providence, Rhode Island"

Great instrument. Plays fast and light. Great sound. Very much in tune!
— Daniel Schell, composer and musician, Belgium

Thank you very much for everything. Everything is perfect! Since the new tapping bass arrived, I have been preoccupied with practicing. This instrument makes me forget the feeling of time, which means that I have done nothing but play it.”

“I am really satisfied with the instrument. Once again I thank you very much for everything about the new tapping bass.”
— Kazumi Ozawa, musician, Japan

My Megatar arrived today. I am at this moment trying it out for the first time. It’s beautiful, and it sounds wonderful, much sweeter than I expected! I couldn’t be happier! Thank you.
— Geir Offenberg, musician, Oslo, Norway

The Megatar is quite an interesting and exotic instrument, congratulations. I like the sound characteristics, not only the timbre but also the easiness to get a good response throughout the fingerboard, and the sustain response.
— Rodrigo Werneck, bass-builder, Brazil

To me The Megatar is like a spaceship soaring across the universe, like a cosmic goose, resonating at warp speed, propelled by the melody of my heartstrings.
— Alex Warren, Musician, homebuilt experimental aircraft pilot.

I got the Megatar yesterday. I love it. It’s better than what I envisioned. Sounds great and plays great. Already I’ve discovered some new musical territories. Thanks.
— Richard Sawyer, musician, Ringgold, Georgia

Yesterday I bought a Megatar from your UK dealer and I am in love with it! I’ve tried other tapping instruments and have been a bassist for 12 years, but I love this instrument most of all! It’s really great! Just thought I’d let you know how happy I am with my Megatar, and all the best to you for the future.
— Craig Price, bassist, England

This is one of the better instruments I’ve played — smooth action, great lows and a really comfortable strap. The hands feel very comfortable and it’s easy to reach everything. I like it!
— Robert Xavier, bassist for 'Too Hot' and 'Toucan Review'

This is an instrument which I find to be superior feature wise (wider string spacing, and superior sound) to other touch-style instruments I’ve played. With the Feiten Intonation System, the instrument is a helluva lot easier to tune!
— Glenn Drakeley, musician, Howell, New Jersey

I received my Megatar Eclipse yesterday and I am impressed! The sound and playability of the instrument are worth much more than the price that I paid. Thank you very much for such a quality instrument. It is going to be my main instrument from now on.
— Vernon Steele, musician, Knoxville, Tennessee

I’ve spent happy days with my new Megatar. It is more than I expected! Deep clear tone, lovely looking, easy to play fingerboard stabilized by MegStrap, and the body is not too heavy so I play this instrument many hours every day.”

”I’ll hit the stage with my Megatar at my next performance. I think the audience will be carried away by its great sound. Thank you for making such wonderful tapping instrument.
— Satoshi Yuge, musician, Nagoya, Japan

The tone is full and earthy over the whole fretboard, and perfectly in tune no matter where you play. All you have to do is lightly touch a string, and it responds with a clear, bell-like tone. If I had to rate the ToneWeaver out of 10 I would give it a 12! It’s a well-built, functional instrument that will last me for years to come. I’m totally satisfied with the instrument and the people of Mobius Megatar. Thank you!
— John Bailey, guitarist, Hastings, New Zealand

I received my Toneweaver two months ago. When I opened the package to check that everything was in place, I could not believe my eyes. I could not stop looking at the instrument , because I knew it would be good, but I never thought that it would be so well done.
“This instrument is great because it gives me the opportunity to discover and explore new sounds , new harmonies , new melodies. It ‘s really magic !!!
“ The sound is present and well defined. I have never owned before today an instrument that could play so many different roles within a group, it can safely be rhythmic, melodic, harmonic or all of these things together. Moreover I can really take advantage of everything that I have studied on the electric bass
I am very satisfied with my purchase. again thank you.
— Google Translated from original Italian: Fabrizio Fabiani, classical player, Forli-Cesena, Italy

The Megatar offers me musical possibilities which are beyond the scope of the common composition. Where I used to try to imagine the bass in my head while I played guitar - or vice versa - I can now have both at the same time, as well as things I have never heard before. It’s uncharted territory , an adventure into new realms. The Megatar is almost an inexhaustible source of new ideas.
— Google Translated from original German: Raed Khashoukgti, Germany