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Free tapping technique book

Excerpt from: Easy Touch-Style Bassics

...We think two-handed touch-style should be better known and enjoyed. It permits your two hands to play simultaneously, much as can a musician on piano.

You can play left-hand bass chords while playing a melody. Or you can make up a melody with a bassline beneath it. You can read and play Bach Two-Part Inventions. You can play boogie bass with simultaneous rhythmic rock chords, you can lay down a fat reggae dub bass line and chop over top of it, walking bass and jazz chords, Rockin' Bass licks with powers chords, etc.

Will you learn all of that in this book?  No, our goals here are a bit more modest.  By the end of this book, you will be able to play your extended range Bass (or Megatar or other tapping instrument) by means of bass roots or arpeggiating chords in the bass.  You will also be able to arpeggiate chords in the right hand, or more importantly, you will be able to play very simple chords in a rhythmic manner on top of your bass line.

You will have the basis for all the above technique, having learned it in a simple and clear system which will enable you to play several touch-style instruments using different tunings.  You’ll make rapid progress, and you’ll have fun, and what you learn permits you to create musical results from simple elements.

The purpose of this book is to give you a rapid and competent introduction to two-handed touch-style technique so that you can play what we call ‘Rhythm Bass’ and at the same time give you the groundwork for lots more.


All new Megatars come with four touch-style technique method books:

Book 1:  Basics. A set of very simple shapes that will underlie scales, chords, basslines and more.  Basic tapping techniques.  

Book 2:  Bass. How to play walking bass with four rules. How to play bass hooks. How to play bass and rhythm patterns at the same time for great variety. All these come from the basics learned in book one.

Book 3:  Melody. How to read and play melodies from lead sheets, while playing left-hand chords. Both melodies and chords are learned from the basics in book one.

Book 4:  Improv. How to make up new melodies on the fly over any song with chord symbols. This is done very simply from basics learned in book one.

All 4 books are  provided free as a digital download with all new Megatars.

Used Megatar owners who register their instrument with us can also receive the books free of charge.