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notes of the fretboard


Fretboard maps and music theory charts, exclusively for megatar subscribers!

Whether you are still deciding on what tuning to go with or are an accomplished performer a clearly presented map of the fretboard and a basic music theory reference are essential tools to have in your kit.

With that in mind I put together a set of fretboard maps for popular touchstyle tunings and combined them with a useful music theory chart.  These are available as a free download for list subscribers.

Click on the banner at the very top of the page to get access to the entire collection.

Available tunings:
Megatar and others - Bass bottom, straight fourths, crossed hands
Megatar and others - Bass bottom, straight fourths, uncrossed hands
Chapman Stick Tuning - Inverted Fifths, crossed hands
Six-string Bass - BEADGC
Standard Guitar

Also of note is that the charts are presented in conventional format and also in a mirror image format for more clarity.


"High quality graphics, very useful information, indispensable, and worth every penny."

-Dick Whitman, Musician