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If you are a Stick player who is not satisfied with your midi options, I recommend having a look at The Megatar.  Already a fine custom built instrument designed around purity of tone and responsive feel, a Megatar set up with Stick tuning and hexaphonic midi output is the answer to a lot of questions that you did not even know you had.

While your at it why not throw in acoustiphonic piezo preamps and bartolini humbuckers. Can't you feel the power!?!

For a limited time (until I get to the bottom of this box of GK cables) every midi equipped instrument ships with a free "Umbilical Cord".  Consisting of 15-foot, 13-pin GK cables wrapped up with a high studio quality stereo output cable.  Providing high quality sound and midi transfer and keeping cable clutter to a minimum.  Go price a GK cable and you'll see why I bother to mention this.

Click here to read more about the GHOST MODULAR PICKUP SYSTEM from Graph Tech.

midi for stick players


From Graphtech, the maker of the midi system that I use:

The hexaphonic pickup system featuring unparalleled tracking in an easy-to-install package. The Hexpander MIDI interface features a proprietary harmonic damping system that results in tracking unequaled by any other system on the market today. It provides responsive and accurate triggering, no more dead spots, and no need to slow down your playing so that your system can keep up!

The ghost Hexpander MIDI interface system adds MIDI capability to almost any guitar or bass.  Plug your guitar into pitch-to-MIDI converters by Roland or Axon and enter the MIDI sound universe.  The Hexpander MIDI interface provides responsive and accurate tracking unequaled be any other system on the market today.  Check out how affordable and easy it can be to make MIDI part of your music making.



Fretboard maps and music theory charts, exclusively for megatar subscribers!

Whether you are still deciding on what tuning to go with or are an accomplished performer a clearly presented map of the fretboard and a basic music theory reference are essential tools to have in your kit.

With that in mind I put together a set of fretboard maps for popular touchstyle tunings and combined them with a useful music theory chart.  These are available as a free download for list subscribers.

Click on the banner at the very top of the page to get access to the entire collection.

Available tunings:
Megatar and others - Bass bottom, straight fourths, crossed hands
Megatar and others - Bass bottom, straight fourths, uncrossed hands
Chapman Stick Tuning - Inverted Fifths, crossed hands
Six-string Bass - BEADGC
Standard Guitar

Also of note is that the charts are presented in conventional format and also in a mirror image format for more clarity.


"High quality graphics, very useful information, indispensable, and worth every penny."

-Dick Whitman, Musician


Comment is back!  , a place where we are all woven of the same cloth., a place where we are all woven of the same cloth.


An open forum dedicated to the art of Touchstyle guitar.


After some years in hiatus is live again!

As stated in the byline, Tappistry is an "open" forum, welcoming all those interested in Touchstyle and two-handed tapping techniques.  Reaching across the dividing lines between instruments and styles, Tappistry aims to build a supportive community of creative people interested in exploring and increasing awareness of this fun and innovative way of making music.

The forum is still in it's nascent stages, which makes it an exciting time for you get involved.

 Ask a question, make an observation, share an idea, and you will be shaping the way this community forms.

Photo was shamelessly pilfered form the web.  Check out:   for more info on what these guys are up to.