Introducing: The Most Fun Way to Make Music Since You Were Five Years Old with a Kazoo!

A Revolutionary New Way to Play More Powerful Guitar, to Play More Powerful Bass ... and Play Both at the Same Time! ... yet Faster To Learn than Ever Before!

The 'Mobius Megatar' is a type of electric bass or guitar, designed to be played in an upright position.

Similar to an electric guitar in design, the Megatar features a wide neck on which you find six bass strings and also six higher-pitched melody strings.

By touching or tapping upon these strings with the fingers of both hands, you can play new and wonderful music. Music beyond your imagining, Music never heard before, Music never possible ... until now.

This new method of play makes piano-like technique possible -- like playing a left-hand bassline, and simultaneous right-hand chords or melody.

Want to hear and see it played right now?

No problem -- Click Here to See Mobius Megatar Videos

Play Astounding Music ... Fast!

You quickly discover when you play this sweetly-designed instrument with our new two-handed tapping method, it’s surprisingly simple to do, and you get faster and easier learning than ever before, because creating music comes faster than on normal guitar, or bass, or piano! (Proof? See for yourself. Visit the video tutorial in the "touchstyle" section.)

The word 'megatar' comes from the word 'mega' plus 'guitar' -- because it is more than a guitar. This instrument, along with our unique fast-learning method, builds upon two-handed tapping methods and earlier "tapping on guitar strings" instruments, and extends power, tone, and ease of play.

Is it a 'bass' or a 'guitar'? It's both, and it's more -- it opens a whole new world of music: vast, powerful, and yet easy to play.

To learn more, use the buttons on the left. You're now discovering a new way of opening the world of music -- one song at a time.








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