The Megatar



With roots planted firmly at the crossroads of guitar and keyboard The Megatar is a 12-String Extended-Range Bass Guitar optimized for two-handed tapping techniques.  But more than that, it is a versatile creative platform that is fun to play, and surprisingly easy to learn with miles of headroom for professional players looking to push the boundaries of their art.



Combining best practices with good design and careful engineering then created using a balanced mix of precision CNC machining and passionate hand craftsmanship,  each Megatar is custom- built to represent a soulful execution of a state-of-the-art instrument.

CNC Lutherie

Who / Where?

Born as a collaboration between a talented group of west coast luthiers and innovators, and given new life by current helmsman Patrick Nicholas Anders;  The Megatar comes to you straight from a small independent music and design studio in the mountains of far Northern California. 



It's about the music, it's about upholding traditions of fine craftsmanship, it's about good design, it's about inspiring creativity and it is about making a new friend with every commission.



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